NCK symposium Sediment Sorting

Theme days
Thursday, 11 January 00:00
Rotterdamseweg 205
2629 HD Delft, Netherlands

On Thursday, the 11th of January a NCK symposium entitled 'Impact of bed sediment composition on the environment' will be organised in the Art-Centre in Delft. The symposium will focus on the bed composition of the Dutch coast and the relevant abiotic and biotic processes in general. Two keynotes, by Steven Degraer (University of Ghent) and Maarten Kleinhans (University of Utrecht) will set the scene and several reseachers and PhD-students will share their insight and latest findings. The preliminary programme for the day is as follows:

9:15     Welcome and introduction by Martin Baptist & Bas Huisman
9:30     Keynote by Steven Degraer (University of Ghent): About sediments and marine life: A clear cut and tight relationship?
10:15   Session 1 : Bed sediment composition of the Dutch coast : 

  • Jelmer Cleveringa (Arcadis): Bed composition of the Dutch coast
  • Stuart Pearson (TU Delft): Sediment exchange processes of the Amelander Zeegat
  • Hariette Holzhauer (Deltares): Ecology and bed composition of the Amelander Zeegat

11:15   Coffee
11:30   Session 2: Relevance of the abiotic environment for marin ecology

  • Eelke Folmer (NIOZ): Grain size and benthic distribution in the Wadden Sea
  • Marjolein Post (WMR): Environmental preferences of juvenile Sole
  • Marin van Regteren (WMR): Oligochaetes in muddy sediments

12:30   Lunch
13:30   Keynote by Maarten Kleinhans (Utrecht University): Impact of subsurface composition and sorting processes on the morphology of estuaries
14:15   Session 3: Bed sediment composition monitoring & modelling

  • Joep van der Zanden (Univ. Twente): Cross-shore sediment sorting: laboratory experiments and numerical modelling
  • Bas Huisman (Deltares): Bed sediment heterogeneity at the lower shoreface of the Sand Motor
  • Helena van der Vegt (TU Delft): The selective preservation of sediment supply in deltas

15:15   Panel discussion
16:00   Drinks
17:00   Closing

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  • Thursday, 11 January 00:00