WUR RGB standardFor operational control and crisis management, fast salt intrusion prediction models are essential to prevent damage to industry, agriculture, drinking water and ecology. Given the present limitations of computational speed, water managers have to rely on data analytical tools and 1D models, which are oversimplifications of reality.

In this project, existing and new field data is collected and analysed to yield databased prediction tools. Theoretical building blocks are being developed for an improved 1D model enabling a better representation of channel network complexity. The improved 1D model is employed for a rapid evaluation of alternative measures designed to counteract salt intrusion.

The project is part of the research program SaltiSolutions, in which 10 research groups collaborate with government agencies and industry to develop the tools that allow to protect freshwater resources from salt intrusion.

Closing date for this vacancy is 21st of June. Apply at: https://www.wur.nl/en/show/PhD-researcher-Salt-Dispersion-across-scales-and-design-of-counter-measures-2.htm

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