2nd Christiaan Brunings Lecture

Other events
Tuesday, 10 January 13:00 - 17:00
Heidelberglaan 3
3584 CS Utrecht, Netherlands

Invitation for the 2nd Christiaan Brunings Lecture
10 January 13.00-17.00 hr
Boothzaal, Utrecht University Library Uithof

Theme: salt marshes

* keynote lecture prof. Sergio Fagherazzi (Boston University) on survival of salt marshes under global change
* lecture prof. Tjeerd Bouma (NIOZ) on small-scale processes affecting large-scale salt marsh dynamics
* Metronome tidal facility demonstration, perhaps including the first-ever mud flats and salt marshes in experiments

100 seats available (admission free) for practitioners and scientists working on salt marshes.

More info (programme, abstracts) and registration at www.uu.nl/bruningslecture. Last year's lecture is online.

Also see www.uu.nl/metronome.

Sponsored by Deltares (and probably also by Rijkswaterstaat)

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