4th Christiaan Brunings Lecture

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Tuesday, 15 January 13:00


Register for the annual Brunings Lecture at Utrecht University! The upcoming edition will be held on Tuesday afternoon, the 15th of January 2019, in Utrecht. The theme will be: sea level rise and LAND level rise?


  • keynote lecture Dr. Friederike Bungenstock (NIKH) about landscape formation under mid-Holocene sealevel rise
  • lecture Dr. Aimee Slangen (NIOZ) about past and future sealevel rise on our turf
  • lecture Dr. Marjolijn Haasnoot (Deltares) about adaptation pathways in the Netherlands
  • Metronome tidal facility ongoing experiment and drinks.

In total 100 seats available (admission free, coffee and drinks included) for practitioners and scientists working on sea level rise and climate adaptation. For registration, more information and previous lectures visit www.uu.nl/bruningslecture. Also see www.uu.nl/metronome.


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The Christiaan Brunings Lecture brings together the scientists, practitioners and managers of rivers and estuaries. The keynote lecture is given by a leading international scientist, followed by lectures are given on the same topic by nationally recognised experts from an institute or industry. This takes place annually in Universiteit Utrecht, a focal point of past and future river and delta research and within walking distance of the Metronome, a novel experimental setup where rivers and estuaries are created at a scale of about 1:2000 by the group of Prof. Maarten Kleinhans.


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