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Tuesday, 09 May

Dear NatureCoast end-users and interested followers,
We are happy to announce the program details of our Nature Coast Final Symposium. Various key end users and experts will reflect on the findings of NatureCoast research, as presented by our PhD’s and postdocs. We look forward to an interactive day, filled with interesting discussions.
We hope you will join us!

Date & Location - May 9, Sports & Culture, Mekelweg 8-10, 2628 CD Delft
Chair - Marjolein van Wijngaarden

09:30 Welcome and Coffee
10:00 Opening - Marcel Stive
10.15 Roadmap of the day - postdocs Arjen Luijendijk & Alexander van Oudenhoven
10.30 Theme I: Physical processes and sediment transport

  • PhD pitches - Max Radermacher, Jantien Rutten, Sebastian Huizer, Bas Huisman (NEMO)
  • Synthesis - Gerben Ruessink (P.I.)
  • Panel discussion

11.30 Coffee break
11.45 Theme II: Dune formation

  • PhD pitches - Isaac Williams, Corjan Nolet, Marinka van Puijenbroek, Bas Hoonhout (NEMO)
  • Synthesis - Kathelijne Wijnberg (P.I.)
  • Panel discussion
  • Evert Jan Lammerts (Staatsbosbeheer)
  • Bert van der Valk (Deltares)
  • Michel Riksen (WUR)
  • Bas Arens (Arens Duinonderzoek)
  • Questions from the audience

12.45 Lunch
13.30 Theme III: Towards nature-friendly nourishment

  • PhD pitches - Iris Pit, Emily van Egmond, Simeon Moons, Marjolein Post
  • Synthesis - Peter Herman (P.I.)
  • Panel discussion
  • Ben Girwar (Provincie Zuid-Holland)
  • Antwerp University
  • Arjan van den Heuvel (Zuid Hollands Landschap)
  • Remment ter Hofstede (Van Oord)
  • Questions from the audience

14.30 Theme IV: Applications of Sandy Strategies

  • PhD pitches - Ewert Aukes (HPZ case), Lotte Bontje (Sweden case)
  • The UK case
  • The Jamaica case - Alexander van Oudenhoven
  • Global opportunities - Arjen Luijendijk
  • Panel discussion 
  • Hans Hanson (Lund University)
  • Ian Turner (UNSW, Australia)
  • Jaap van Thiel de Vries (Boskalis)
  • Questions from the audience

15.30 Break
15.45 Theme V: Reflection on interdisciplinary research

  • Introduction - Postdocs
  • Panel discussion
  • Jaap Kwadijk (Deltares)
  • Mark van Koningsveld (TopTeam Water / Van Oord)
  • Henk Nieboer (Director Ecoshape)
  • Roeland Allewijn (Rijkswaterstaat)
  • Questions from the audience

16.30 Closure - Stefan Aarninkhof
16.45 Drinks

Please register here. This will allow us to optimally prepare the venue and to take your lunch preferences into account.

We hope to see you on May 9th!


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