csm Figuur 1 GeoTOP Westwadden 73f52253cdIn this sprint session, you will learn how to work with Open Earth and DINOloket.nl. A specialist of TNO will present an interactive demonstration of the data available in DINO, both of drillings and voxel models. Bring your laptop and start working with geological data straight away. The sprint session will be held on Wednesday the 21 of March. The session will start at 16.00h and last until 20.00h. Directly after the sprint session, the ice breaker of the NCK days will take place nearby. View details and register for this interactive session at the event page!

teylersThe annual NCK Conference will be held at Teylers Museum in Haarlem from Wednesday to Friday March 21-23, 2018. This year's edition is organised by TNO. The preliminary programme of the conference contains key notes by Gerd Masselink (University of Plymouth), Cees Laban (Marine Geological Advice) and Carol Cotterill (British Geological Survey). The icebreaker will take place on Wednesday night, starting at 19.30h in cafe Stempels, Haarlem.

We have received a large number of abstracts, which we are processing into an inspiring programme for our conference. Thank you all for your contribution!

Registration for the NCK Days is now open at www.tno.nl/nckdays2018/. For more information on the 2018 edition of the NCK days, visit the TNO site or the event page!

Figure 1 Land building sediment budget in a delta As illustrated here by a hypotheticalOn the 9th of March, NCK and NCR jointly organise a symposium on 'Sediment management in deltas' in Vlaardingen. River to the coastal sea sediment continua are disturbed, globally. Several river-sea-systems are short of sediment mostly due to damming. This causes dramatic impacts such as drowning deltas. Scientists and stakeholders should team-up urgently in research and innovation to find solutions. This symposium addresses the status in the Rhine/Meuse – North Sea system. Furthermore, the DANUBIUS-RI research infrastructure (RI) is presented as disturbed sediment continua may become a key research topic in this RI. The symposium also aims to gain support and ingredients for drafting of a sediment continuum call text to promote as topic under EC FP9, i.e. the follow-up of Horizon 2020. Visit the event page to view the programme of the day and to register.