Sprint session Dinoloket, EMODnet and Open Earth

NCK days
Wednesday, 21 March 16:00
Restaurant ML - Kleine Houtstraat 70
2011 DR Haarlem, Netherlands

During the NCK sprint Session we will take a closer look at DINOloket and the possibilities of the website (www.dinoloket.nl) and the available data! DINOloket contains about 10.000 Seabed Grab samples and 11.000  boreholes within the North and Wadden Sea.

During the NCK Sprint session you will learn to:

  • View, request, and use data from DINOloket
  • Make use of the geological models created by TNO, for you
  • All the skills needed to master DINOloket

This is essential for all coastal researchers as DINOloket is the largest databank of the Dutch subsurface. It comprises borehole data, groundwater data, cone penetration test data, vertical electrical soundings, the results of geological, chemical and mechanical sample analyses, borehole logs, geological models and seismic data. The DINOloket website of TNO, Geological Survey of the Netherlands, lets you view and order data of the subsurface, free of charge.

For the Wadden Sea a 3D voxel model (100x100x0.5m voxels) of the shallow subsurface is also available on DINOloket. The GeoTOP voxel model contains stratigraphic and lithological information and can be used as a valuable base for further research. It is the aim of TNO - Geological Survey of the Netherlands, to extend the area of the GeoTOP model into the North Sea.

Jelte Stam (TNO), Denise Maljers (TNO) and Gerben de Boer (Van Oord) will give interactive demonstrations during this sprint session.

The sprint session will be held as kick-off of the NCK days on Wednesday the 21 of March, and will start at 16.00h and last untill 20.00h. Around dinner time, pizza's will be served. Bring your own laptop!
The session will be held in Restaurant ML, Kleine Houtstraat 70 in Haarlem. Note that there are 2 location of Restaurant ML in Haarlem, at the Kleine Houtstraat and at the Klokhuisplein. Directly after the sprint session, the ice breaker of the NCK days will take place at the other location of Restaurant ML, at the Klokhuisplein 9.

This sprint session is free of charge, but registration is required. Please register via the green button on top of this page.

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