Since 1992, the University of Twente has an educational and research programme in Civil Engineering, which aims at embedding (geo)physical and technical knowledge related to infrastructural systems into its societal and environmental context. The combination of engineering and societal faculties makes this university particularly well equipped to run this programme. Research of the section Water Engineering and Management (WEM) focuses on i) physics of large, natural, surface water systems, such as rivers, estuaries and seas and ii) analysis the management of these systems. Within the first research line WEM aims to improve the understanding of physical processes and to model their behaviour appropriately, which means as simple as possible but accurate enough for the water management problems that are considered. Dealing with uncertainty plays an important role here. An integrated approach is central to the water management analysis, in which not only (bio)physical aspects of water systems are considered, but also the variety of functions these systems have for the users, the way in which decisions on their management are taken, and how these are turned into practical applications. Various national and international research projects related to coastal zone management, sediment transport processes, offshore morphology, biogeomorphology and ecomorphodynamics have been awarded to this section.

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Representative in the NCK Board of Supervisors: prof. K.M. Wijnberg PhD
Representative in the NCK Programme Committee: P.C. Roos PhD


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