IHE Delft is an UNESCO Category 1 institute for water education and research. Based in Delft, it comprises a total of 140 staff members, 70 of whom are responsible for the education, training, research and capacity building programmes both in Delft and abroad. It is hosting a student population of approximately 300 MSc students and some 60 PhD candidates. Although in existence for more than 50 years, it was officially established as a UNESCO institute on 5 November 2001 during UNESCO's 31st General Conference. IHE Delft is offering a host of postgraduate courses and tailor-made training programmes in the fields of water science and engineering, environmental resources management, water management and institutions and municipal water supply and urban infrastructure. IHE Delft, together with the International Hydrological Programme, is the main UNESCO vehicle for applied research, institutional capacity building and human resources development in the water sector world-wide.

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Representative in the NCK Board of Supervisors: Prof. D. Roelvink PhD
Representative in the NCK Programme Committee: M. van der Wegen PhD


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