The Netherlands Organisation for Applied Scientific Research (TNO) is a nonprofit company in the Netherlands that focuses on applied science. Established by law in 1932, TNO is a knowledge organisation supporting companies, government bodies and public organisations with innovative, practicable knowledge. With 3,800 employees, it is the largest research institute in the Netherlands. TNO has an independent position ensuring objective, scientifically founded advice.

Geological Survey of the Netherlands

TNO acts (internationally) as the Geological Survey of the Netherlands, which manages and models publicly available geological data and information. Its 150 employees have the legal task of making information on the Dutch subsurface available to Dutch society so as to enable its sustainable use and management. The Geomodelling Department employs some 50 scientific staff. Its core expertise is the construction of layer- and voxel-based subsurface models for onshore and offshore areas that are highly suitable as input for decision-support systems. 

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Representative in the NCK Board of Supervisors: D. Maljers MSc
Representative in the NCK Programme Committee: S. van Heteren PhD

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