Winter School Fieldwork for Flood Resilience

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Monday, 01 March - Friday, 05 March

Are you a MSc or PhD student who has affinity with the field of Flood Protection? We offer you a unique opportunity to dive into flood resilience for a full week with a small group of fellow students at our Winter School. Registration is open now!

Climate change has been affecting countries in the 2 Seas Region (Belgium, the Netherlands, United Kingdom and France) more severely than expected. The frequency and intensity of extreme weather conditions that induce storm-surges along the coast and river discharges that threaten the integrity of flood defences is increasing.

Are flood defences safe enough, and how effective will emergency response be in case of a levee failure? How can the combination of flood defences and emergency response remain effective in light of the emerging circumstances? These questions are relevant to local stakeholders whose prosperity and wellbeing depend upon flood resilience. Polder2C’s offers a rare opportunity to test and improve flood resilience by improving climate change adaptation capacity on a strategic, tactical and operational level. 

Sponsored by the Polder2C’s consortium, this Winter School aspires to contribute to the mission of developing a solid knowledge infrastructure in the field of climate change adaptation. The event will provide a podium for exchange, transfer and development of ideas and knowledge, giving you the opportunity to be immersed in the planned activities of the Living Lab Hedwige-Prosperpolder. Following a balanced schedule of theory and practice, you will be invited to contemplate the challenges of flood resilience capacity building, think together with the Polder2C’s partners, and come up with practical solutions that contribute to the cause.

The winter school will be held at Youth Centre Prosperpolder, St-Engelbertusstraat 5, 9130 Beveren, Belgium and will be available remotely as well to cope with Covid-19.

For more information on the winter school, the lectures, organisation and to register, please visit:


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