7th Brunings Lecture

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Tuesday, 01 February

The online 2022 Brunings Lecture is scheduled for Tuesday afternoon, February 1, 1:30 pm to about 3-3:30 pm. To receive the MSTeams link, please register! The session will be recorded so remember to keep camera and microphone closed.

The theme is sediment management for sustainable living in deltas: a cross-section of the Utrecht University program “Sediments matter” and related work by our alumni. We will first set the stage, then move from rivers to the coast, and from specific issues to systemic views. 

  • 13:15 Teams channel open for dropping in
  • 13:30 Welcome: Maarten Kleinhans and Hans Middelkoop (UU)
  • Jos van Alphen (Staf Deltacommissaris): Dikes or drown? Adaptation to sea level rise
  • Eveline van der Deijl (Deltares): A reference bed level for the Rhine and Meuse?
  • Jana Cox (UU): Past and future of the Rhine-Meuse delta
  • 14:05 Your questions about rivers
  • Timothy Price (UU): Sand nourishment on the wave-dominated coast
  • Renske de Winter (Deltares): Pathways for sandy solutions
  • Maarten van der Vegt (UU): Sand nourishments in the Wadden Sea area
  • 14:30 Your questions about the coast
  • Jaap Nienhuis (UU): Past and future of global deltas
  • Maarten Kleinhans: What the delta wants? A preview
  • 14:45 Your questions about systemic views, and famous last words

For more information on the Brunings Lecture, the abstracts of the presentations and previous editions, visit: https://bruningslecture.nl/.


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