Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas conference (PECS)

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Sunday, 09 October 00:00 - Friday, 14 October 00:00
Zwolsestraat 2
2587 VJ Den Haag, Netherlands

The emphasis of the biennial conference on Physics of Estuaries and Coastal Seas is on the results of field and laboratory measurements, and theoretical and numerical analysis, with the aim of better understanding the underlying physical processes. Other relevant topics are also acceptable. This conference series emphasizes informal exchanges in a collegial environment. All sessions are plenary and attendance is limited up to two hundred participants. The 18th conference in this series is scheduled for October 9-14, 2016. The programme consists of a combination of oral and poster presentations, selected from abstracts submitted no later than May 1, 2016. 

The 18th PECS conference will be held in Scheveningen, a village in the metropolitan area of The Hague, Netherlands, known as the city behind the dunes. In former days, fisheries were the primary source of living of the inhabitants of Scheveningen. Up to 1904 the village didn't have a harbour, though. Until that time, fishermen used flat-bottomed sailing boats that were pulled from the sea onto the beach and back by horses. The silhouette in the above logo for PECS 2016 refers to the "Woman of Scheveningen", a statue created by the Dutch sculptor Gerard Bakker. The woman is indefinitely searching the sea from where she expects her loved ones to return. Although fish still plays an important role in daily life in Scheveningen, today the villiage is known primarily for its beach tourism. Unfortunately, October is a bit off-season in the sense that most beach restaurants will have been removed and stored for winter, but indoors the beach area will still be quite vivid. It houses a wide variety of restaurants and options for entertainment. Besides, it is not far away from the city centre which has even more to offer and is very well attainable by public transport.

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