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Wednesday, 22 September 00:00

Join us online on September 22nd from 15.00 - 17.00 hrs to discuss the development of the TRAILS Living Lab for sand nourishment strategies for coastal defense with stakeholders.

Protecting land against the sea has always been a challenge in the Netherlands and coastal defense strategies have shifted from hard coastal engineering to soft coastal engineering, with sand nourishment as the preferred method.

The 2018 Ameland inlet ebb-tidal (mega)nourishment is a good example of evolving sand nourishment strategies. We are studying this nourishment to better understand the fate of nourished sand, ecological effects and how to incorporate this knowledge in simulation models. Overarching is the ambition to create a fully operational Living Lab with all stakeholders to co-evaluate future nourishment strategies, based on a shared knowledge base.

Short talks will be given on these subjects by:

  • Quirijn Lodder, Rijkswaterstaat                      The role of sand nourishment in coastal defense in the Netherlands
  • David Goldsborough, Van Hall Larenstein     Working with stakeholders in a Living Lab
  • Anna-Maartje de Boer, WUR                         Luminescence-based methods as an intrinsic sediment tracer
  • Tjitske Kooistra, NIOZ                                    Effects of nourishments on benthic fauna
  • Stuart Pearson, TU Delft                               Simulation models to trace sand

The presentations will be followed by a panel session where you will have the opportunity to interact with the speakers and provide us with valuable input for the TRAILS project.  

Please register via the green button on top of this page.

We hope to see you there!

With regards,

The TRAILS project team



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