vermeerNCK is happy to announce that Nienke Vermeer has taken over over the role of Julia Vroom as NCK programme secretary. Nienke graduated from Utrecht University and joint Deltares 1,5 year ago. She is enthusiastic to further strengthen the NCK network, the cooperation between the NCK partners and to facilitate NCK events in old and new formats. You may contact her via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..

With this last change, the NCK Programme Committee now consists of:

  • B.C. van Prooijen PhD. (Delft University of Technology, Chairman)
  • N.P. Vermeer MSc. (Programme Secretary NCK, c/o Deltares)
  • G. Ramaekers MSc. (Rijkswaterstaat)
  • B. Huisman PhD. (Deltares)
  • D.S. van Maren PhD. (Deltares)
  • P.C. Roos PhD. (University of Twente)
  • T. Gerkema PhD. (Royal Netherlands Institute for Sea Research, NIOZ)
  • M. van der Wegen PhD. (IHE Delft)
  • M.J. Baptist PhD. (Wageningen Marine Research)
  • M. van der Vegt PhD. (Utrecht University – IMAU)
  • S. van Heteren PhD. (TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands)
  • V.C. Reijers PhD. (Utrecht University - IMAU)

And the following people have a seat in the Directory Board:

  • D.J. Walstra PhD. (Deltares, Chairman)
  • N.P. Vermeer MSc. (Programme Secretary NCK, c/o Deltares)
  • M.E. Busnach-Blankers MSc. (Rijkswaterstaat)
  • prof. S.G.J. Aarninkhof PhD. (Delft University of Technology)
  • prof. B.G. Ruessink PhD. (Utrecht University - IMAU)
  • prof. K.M. Wijnberg PhD. (University of Twente)
  • prof. H. Dolman PhD. (Royal Netherlands Institute of Sea Research, NIOZ)
  • prof. D. Roelvink PhD. (IHE Delft)
  • T. Bult PhD. (Wageningen Marine Research)
  • D. Maljers MSc. (TNO Geological Survey of the Netherlands)

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