spanjaardsduinWe invite you for the NCK themeday on 'Dynamic dune management in practice' to share and discuss our latest insight in dynamic dune management from recent projects like Spanjaards Duin, Hondsbossche Duinen and Prins Hendrik Zanddijk. In these projects one of the largest challenges is the balance between allowing dynamics for nature and flood safety functions. And, since these projects have created dune areas from scratch, they require an adaptive approach. We would like to discuss the value of these kinds of projects for coastal research in general and the Dutch coastal landscape. We hope the lessons will inspire future applications. And we are proud to show you the area of Spanjaards Duin at the start of the themeday!

This themeday took place at 23rd of September 2021. The presentations are available at the event page

The Netherlands Centre for Coastal Research (NCK), the Waddenacademie and Rijkswaterstaat have organised a webinar on the interaction between biotic and abiotic factors in the Wadden sea on the 18th of May, 2021.

The aim of this theme day was to deepen the knowledge of the interaction between some key biotic and abiotic factors in the Dutch Wadden Sea. Pre-recorded movies as well as a reflection by RWS on the topic is available at the event page. Below, the recording of the entire webinar is shown.


On the 1st of July, the results of 10 years of research on the Sand Motor will be presented.

In 2011 we started a pilot project: the Sand Motor. An artificial sandbank, an important boost for innovative coastline maintenance and a perfect example of Building with Nature. Thanks to the influence of the wind and the sea currents, the Sand Motor has now grown into a beautiful nature reserve and recreational area. Its development is being closely followed and is receiving a great deal of international attention.

Ten years of research and special collaborations have resulted in an innovative way to maintain the coastal area, new possibilities for nature and visitors, and wealth of knowledge. A unique connection between nature, science and society. We will present the results of this project during the final conference on the 1st of July 2021. This event is marking 10 years of the Sand Motor and is part of the international Coastal Dynamics conference.

Sign up for this milestone via the Coastal Dynamics conference website. Programme details are available now. You can attend the event live* or online. On July the 2nd you can take part in the field trip to the Sand Motor itself. The fieldtrip* will give you a unique insight in the background knowledge of this pilot project, presented by involved researchers and managers.

*For live attendance and field trip we have limited availability, depending on the COVID restrictions on the 1st of July.

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