ywa logoThe Young Wadden Academy (YWA) is currently made up of five young researchers who have proven track records in science and are interested in research in general and in the Wadden Region in particular. One of the YWA’s main concerns is to encourage multidisciplinary research on the Wadden Region using system analysis. The YWA is seeking two new members. See the job offer on Academic Transfer. If you have questions, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. (chair of YWA) for further information.

vastgelopen kleinOn the 29th of October, a NCK theme day will be organised on the 'Hydro-morphodynamic research in the Scheldt estuary' at the Art Centre in Delft. The aim of this NCK theme day is to share and deepen our knowledge on the hydrodynamics and morphodynamics of the channels and intertidal areas, especially in the Western Scheldt. We discuss recent findings of applied and fundamental research, with the aim to give recommendations on the way forward in estuarine research and management. This includes the importance of the channel-shoal interaction on the long term evolution of the estuary. The set-up of the day will be energetic, with multiple sessions consisting of a variety of short presentations. There is plenty of room for discussion. Visit the event page for the programme of the day and to register directly. 

Before the summer holiday season officially starts, we would like to announce some interesting upcoming events that will take place after the holiday. Please save the date and/or register, and join our NCK activities with a refreshed, post-holiday brain! 

Great mosque mali 560x373After the holiday, on the 4th of September, we will kick off the academic year with an interesting NCK symposium on Building with Mud. Building with mud requires practical knowhow, but also development of the necessary scientific knowledge. The NCK symposium on Building with Mud, organised in collaboration with Ecoshape, aims to bring together people active in science and practice, and identify the main challenges – scientifically and practical – in Building with Mud. Identifying such challenges is important input for the upcoming NWO call on ‘Living Labs in the Dutch Delta’, which will also be addressed during this day. Read more (preliminary programme available) and register here.

On the 20th of September, NCR will organise a theme day on low-land hydropower. Renewable energy from water is often considered infeasible in flat, low-land regions. However, there are plenty of opportunities to tap into the power produced by rivers, waves and tides. On this day we bring together the practical and the academic world. Join NCR on this day-long seminar including site visit. For more information, visit the NCR website.

On the 29th of October, we will organise a NCK symposium on Hydro-morphodynamic research in the Scheldt estuary in Delft. The aim of the day is to share applied and fundamental academic research and discuss on recent findings, which is crucial to move forward in estuarine research. The set-up of the day will be energetic, with a variety of short presentations, and plenty of room for discussion. Join us and share your view! Register here.

On the 15th of January, the 4th Brunings Lecture will be held at Utrecht University, focussing on 'sea level rise and LAND level rise?'. Save the date! View presenters at https://www.nck-web.org/upcoming-events/other-events/72-4th-christiaan-brunings-lecture?date=2019-01-15-13-00

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