niozlogoWithin the SALTI-Solutions program, NIOZ is looking for a PhD candidate. In this PhD position, you will study how salt intrusion affects freshwater tidal wetlands in terms of biodiversity and eco-morphological functioning. To understand the potential loss of wetland species, you will study the sensitivity of key wetland plants to short vs. long exposure to saltwater inundation in controlled experiments. You will use the experiments to develop simple biogeomorphic mathematical models. With these models, you will study how loss or replacement of wetland plants affect creek development of wetlands, in turn affecting the degree and impact of salt intrusion in the estuary. This feedback will be investigated in wetlands with different tidal regimes, and for newly establishing wetlands in managed realignment projects, in collaboration with other project collaborators.

The closing date of this vacancy is 25th of June. For more information, please visit:“vegetation-development-in-response-to-salinity-intrusion-in-tidal-wetlands”.html.

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