We have 2 PhD positions on man-made beaches in sheltered environments open in a new collaborative NWO TTW project. One position is at the Coastal engineering group of Delft University of Technology (daily supervision by Matthieu de Schipper) and a second at the Physical Geography department of Utrecht University (daily supervision by Timothy Price).

The EURECCA project will focus on the dynamics of man-made beaches in mixed-energy coastal environments, where both waves and currents drive the morphodynamic evolution. Much of our understanding of man-made beaches, or nourishments, stem from research in ocean facing coastal areas that are dominated by energetic waves. However, the redistribution of sand and the evolution of different sediment sizes of potential retrofits is not understood in environments which are under the influence of both strong tidal currents and waves (i.e. mixed-energy systems).

This project uses the recently implemented Prins Hendrik Zanddijk on Texel as a case study for fieldwork and numerical modelling.

If you are interested, please apply! Closing dates are 24th and 21st of June. Links to the two vacancies:



More about the project: https://www.linkedin.com/pulse/eurecca-project-funding-awarded-timothy-price/

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