twentelogoAre you interested in setting up innovative model solutions to better understand lower shoreface sand transport and thus contribute to a climate-proof coast? At the Water Engineering & Management department we are looking for a PhD researcher to strengthen our team. We are an active and dynamic group of researchers pioneering in the modelling and engineering of marine and fluvial systems.

Alongside another PhD student and a postdoc, you will be one of the researchers in the MELODY project: ModEling LOwer Shoreface Seabed DYnamics for a Climate-Proof Coast. Recently funded by the Dutch Research Council, MELODY aims to better understand sand transport and morphodynamics at the lower shoreface. This zone forms the essential link between the offshore seabed and the nearshore zone, thus controlling how climate change, and the activities to cope with it, affect our coast.

Specifically, your subproject aims to identify the controlling lower shoreface sand transport mechanisms. In particular the balance between low transport rates during normal day conditions, and much higher transport rates during storm events. In order to do so, you will develop an efficient sand transport model for the complete Dutch Lower shoreface, including effects of wind, waves, tide, river discharge, temperature and salinity and with real-time forcing.

Being part of MELODY implies close interaction with your direct supervisors at UT and your fellow researchers (i.e., the other PhD student working on tidal sand waves, as well as a postdoc making the translation to marine and coastal management). To warrant the link to practice, we will have recurring user group meetings with professionals from the Netherlands, as well as a group of international experts. Furthermore, you will present your work at national and international conferences and write your findings in journal papers and a PhD thesis.

For more information and to apply (before January 21st), visit:!/320/phd-position-in-understanding-and-modelling-lower-shoreface-sand-transport

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